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Automatic Buffer

Automatic BufferAutomatic Buffer
Model No. LE # 0053
  • Capacity: 12.00-24 tyre size
  • Provided with one fixed & one movable chuck
  • 20H.P motor for buffing.
  • Pneumatically operated inbuilt tyre lift for lifting of tyre from the floor to the chuck.
  • Tread measuring device for easy measurement of circumference without using the measuring tape.
  • Shoulder trimming facility.
  • Forward & reverse buffing facility.
  • Device for measuring shoulder trimming width.
  • Rasp blades sharpening attachment.
  • Pneumatic brake for rotary table & rasp stand.
  • Heavy suction 3H.P blower for buffer dust.
  • Air blow gun for air blowing purpose as required.
  • Air jets for buffer dust cleaning at slide rail & lead screw.
  • Specially designed rasp hub assembly & blades for uninterrupted working.
  • Motorised table slide movement with 0.5 H.P motor.
  • Overall weight: 1300 kgs.
  • Overall Dimensions: 7'x8'x9' Air consumption : 10cfm at 125psi: 50cfm at 125psi, while inflation.
  • Connected load: 8.7 KW


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